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Friday, March 8, 2024

Jesus to the ICU, stat


I saw this painting on the floor at Jennifer's the other day.

I said, "Whoa, when did Jesus start the shift at the surgery center?"

She looked at me with a slightly pained glance as the older woman who owned the painting walked in at the very same moment.

A miracle.

The lord is a very talented fellow to be sure, of course he would excel at anything he put his mind to.

And obviously he is so clean he doesn't even need scrubs.

God bless him.


I didn't watch the State of the Disunion. Apparently Republicans are amazed that Biden could walk and talk and had a pulse.

They have spent so much time creating this ridiculous Sleepy Joe Biden cartoon and they were starting to believe their own spin.

Both sides demonize their opponents so intensely now, read Lakoff's how to frame an elephant, that the divine surgeon in the painting couldn't run for office without being knocked by one side or the other as an absolute cad. "So what's with the brown tunic?" My lord.

Politics is such an ugly business. The spin machines are so ramped up that they have people character assassinated before they have a chance to even utter a word. Every utterance or gaffe is ground down to a fine pulp. So you need to heavily filter information from either side in order to look at things in an objective and critical manner.


I rarely agree with anything that Bernie Sanders says but when he said that Senator Sinema would not be missed, I had to agree. 

She was a specialist in screwing over her own team. She stopped so much meaningful legislation and along with her DINO buddy Manchin, managed to keep the filibuster alive. 

Friends like Kyrsten, who needs enemies? 

She can hang around with her rich peeps now.


I actually liked both Schiff and Porter, both very bright but I liked Schiff a little better for this race. I hope that she finds another great opportunity to serve. Steve Garvey is a MAGA lover who walked out on his own kids. No thanks.

His oldest daughter from his first marriage, Krisha Garvey, 49, said she felt it was important to tell voters that her father’s public image hasn’t always reflected his personal life. She said her father cut off almost all contact without explanation about 15 years ago, an action she finds painful.

“There is something lacking in him, something not authentic,” Krisha Garvey told The Times about what she described as “complete abandonment” by her father.

Beginning in the late 1980s Garvey became entangled in legal battles over paternity and child support, all while embroiled in a bitter divorce and visitation disputes with his first wife and Krisha’s mother, Cynthia Garvey.

Two of Garvey’s children, Slade Mendenhall and Ashleigh Young, were involved in his 1989 paternity embroglio and said they have never known their father. At the time, two different women — including his fiancĂ©e — accused Garvey of fathering their children before he ultimately married a third woman, his current wife, Candace Garvey.

Mendenhall and Young, both 34, told The Times that Garvey declined multiple attempts for meetings or even phone calls. They said they only had a relationship with him through the family court system.


Republicans have sizable majorities in both the Kansas House and Senate. The people in that state overwhelmingly voted for abortion rights and to keep government out of their bedrooms and reproductive decisions, just like they have in seven other states where the proposition got through.

But the GOP won't take no for an answer. Now they are demanding that women that get abortions tell them why. What the fuck about stay out of people's personal business don't you get?


Joe Biden is in hot water with progressive liberals for calling illegal aliens illegal. Hey, you come into this country illegally that is exactly what you are. My father and grandparents did it the right way, as bad as immigration policy needs to be reformed, our laws have to be respected. So I have no problem with it personally. We can't save the world, we don't have the resources to do so. Too many people want to come in and sponge off our system and generosity and a lot of bad apples are coming in that should not be. If we don't have enough manpower then we can start another bracero or green card program if it's a problem. But don't come over here illegally and then whine about your immigration status.

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Ken Seals said...

Stopping legislation, "meaningful" or not is an honorable thing to do.