Jelly, jelly so fine

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Further on, down the road.

I always hesitate to say that things are going well because, in my experience, as soon as such proclamations are made, things start falling off the stove top and my life comes crashing down to earth. 

But honestly, things have been looking up. Good sales, new clients, after a long downturn I am finally taking a breath, paying my bills and getting caught up.

Not sure why exactly, I'm an antique dealer dammit, not a soothsayer. 

But I do think the yoga is helping me reconnect with my body and literally giving me an opportunity to breathe. 

Nice timeout for me. 

To whomever it might concern out there in the universe, including my clients, family, friends and deity of your choice, thank you!

This morning I felt a little tight in the low back and after coffee I drove down to Los Jilgueros Preserve to enjoy a nice walk in nature.
Lots of wildflowers blooming and birds chirping, I think it is also going to become a new habit.

The sage smelled so good, it is a total sensory experience. 

The California redbud is blooming, I haven't had much luck with the one I planted at home. But I checked it when I got home, still alive. Yippee.

I know I sound like a broken record but I have spent the majority of my life in the North County, forty four years in Fallbrook and I don't remember a more beautiful spring.

The ceanothus is just brilliant with two or three different gorgeous shades of blue. 

The hills look truly magical. 

And I don't think there is anywhere else in the world where it grows like this, at least that I know of. 

All the rain this year did its job.

It is just magnificent.


Of course, life changes. 

It will be hot soon and dry again and I will once again be scurrying around trying to pay my bills.

Such is my lot.

But I am sure enjoying this happy spring nonetheless.

My buddy Jeff came by today with his daughter.

He is a couple years older than me, very solid guy and dear friend.

We are sitting on the bench outside my shop bending our ears and shooting and enjoying the breeze when a young migrant fellow with very poor English stops his bicycle and asks us if we know where he can find any meth?


We look like we know where to find meth?

We told him taking meth was not a very good idea and he quickly rode away.

Very strange.

I hope the migrant population isn't getting  strung out too. Seen too many friends' children turn into feral wolves on speed and now fentanyl.

I think a famous rock star once said that only fools take medicine when they are well. Hard drugs are really not a good idea, kids. Can't think of a lot of people that they have actually helped.

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