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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

April's last show

The show in Santa Barbara was really good, sold a lot of nice things as did most of my fellow dealers. It was a bittersweet affair in a way as the founding promoter, April Thede, retired Sunday, this was her last show. The show will go on, in good and capable hands, but we all have a lot of history together and we will miss April.

To commemorate the event we all assembled outside for a group photo, which included April and the wonderful crew. 

These are a good cross section of the people I work with at the shows, year in and year out. My gypsy antique family.

They stuck me up in a cherry picker and I took the shot. 

They were going to leave me up there for the day but instead eventually bounced me down.

April insisted I stick myself in the group shot so I did. Magic of photoshop.

I started working at this Earl Warren Fairgrounds facility when I was 17 years old and just out of high school.

I was a groom on the horse show circuit. 

I have a lot of history here. 

Been a good place for me through the years.

I sold well and I bought well this weekend. The lady from Phoenix who had a booth next to mine got covid and couldn't come so I expanded to forty feet and the booth looked very impressive. 

I also unfortunately brought home a really bad cold. Need to unpack and then run home to bed. Will share more later.


RoxAnn said...

Glad to hear you had a fruitful show and thankful to have you back in town. Missed your daily musings. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Leslie.

Anonymous said...

Just read the blog. So very glad that you had a good show.

Bad cold? I hope you have gotten tested without delay. There are Covid treatments that work best when started immediately.

I know a few people who have gotten 'colds' lately that have turned out to be Covid. All have gotten over it or are (currently) doing well, but we can't be taking unnecessary risks.

Be careful,


Lena said...

Love how you inserted yourself into the photo! Very stealth…