Saturday, November 6, 2021

People shots from the last twelve months

9/25/21 - Light Sculptor Michael Evans

I got this note from my friend Michael Loughlin last night. Michael is right at the top of the list of my most essential patrons and friends, without him I simply would not have survived the lean times. The most giving, generous and wonderful person you could imagine, I literally could not have made it through the darkness without his help. I will be in his debt until the day I die.

I like when you write about art and stuff, and I love all the photos because I know the thought that goes into them and nobody edits better than you. I especially like the photos of people at flea markets, art shows, faires because those are people like me.

6/20/21 - Dead or alive?

I thought about his note this morning. I like people shots too. The reality is that during times of Covid, people pictures have been hard to come by. But I did manage to grab a few along the way in the last twelve months and I thought I would post a few of my favorites as I have time.

I do need to start taking more shots of people.

12/4/20 - Stutz

6/11/21 - Mennonite couple

6/20/21 - Girl at swap meet

6/20/21 - Galvez

9/19/21 - Ice Cream Kid

9/19/21 - Swap Meet Madonna

9/25/21 - My dog was right about you

10/17/21 - Jimmy and Daniel

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Stutzy said...

Nice one of yours truly and his hard mask. Thx!