Monday, November 15, 2021

Good Grief!

There never used to be a partisan divide on getting flu shots. It was a common, shared belief that they would help ward off the nasty bug. But guess what, we don't live in "used to be" anymore. Now even the common flu shot has been politicized and weaponized. A 25% spread between repubs and dems on getting a flu shot.

The amount of anti vaccers for flu now resembles the anti covid numbers.

From Business Insider:

Why are educated Republicans more typically vaccine hesitant than educated Democrats? A study that might help to explain the gap, albeit three years old and written pre covid. And the GOP is now the individual freedom party, unless of course they are talking about a woman's reproductive rights.

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Jon Harwood said...

We have become quite a laughingstock since the Cold War ended. At least when the USSR was around we had something to focus all that paranoia on. Without a "satan" we (or at least the right wing part of we) seem to have a hard time functioning. Desperate searches for an evil empire have yielded only vaccines as the devil. Yet, fear not, the left wing side of "us" reliably forms circular firing squads and thereby neutralize any claim to know anything. I am pretty sure that US is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of MAD magazine and the inmates run the asylum.