Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Chet Holmgren

I am a happy guy. College basketball is back. All three San Diego teams won last night, USD, my SDSU Aztecs and UCSD even beat Cal. But this guy, Holmgren at Gonzaga, is just amazing. The freshman center from Minnesota looks unstoppable. Sounds crazy but he is tall for his seven foot size, with his incredible wingspan. He is going to rewrite the record books. The long armed center can do everything, from bringing the ball up to scoring. I have seen him cross people over and go behind his back. Should set a block record this year.  And he is only going to get stronger and better as he gets older and fills out. Chet will be an outstanding pro in the NBA and really fun to watch for the two (?) years he is in college.

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island guy said...

Solid handle and good basketball IQ. A lot of buzz around him for awhile.