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Thursday, November 4, 2021

One that got away...


It has been a beautiful week in Southern California. 

We have been treated to magnificent sunsets the last several days, the daytime temperature has been pretty much perfect.

I took this picture in my yard the other evening. 

Just prior, on the way home, I saw a beautiful and statuesque red tailed hawk on top of the tall dead tree that rises from the river past the mailboxes.

I have taken many pictures of birds in that tree but this may have been the best.

If only I had my camera, which I had left in the shop for some reason. Darn! My cell phone could not do it justice.

I pulled the cheap cell phone out for this shot, which kind of reminds me of a Granville Redmond painting for its diaphanous background haze.

The sage is a Mexican sage. The hummingbirds have been swarming it all week.

We have had lots of bobcats running around the valley too. Stephanie saw three yesterday Leslie saw one in front of the old Pebbles place the day before. I caught a tail end running into the bushes.

I have a bad cold. I am going to take a rare day off and stay in bed and watch movies. Leslie is making chicken soup. I turn 64 the day after tomorrow, a Beatles birthday, and want to feel good. I have been productive, on a fever pitch and need a day to chill and regroup.

Have a nice Thursday.

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Jon Harwood said...

Silly boy, everyone knows the shots are full of Obama’s DNA.