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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Eyes have it

I saw an interesting article at CNN about a woman who did a facial recognition search on herself at a new online website and found painful reminders of a sordid period from her past. Didn't she know that the internet is forever? One bank robbery gone wrong, one bit role in a porn movie is apparently all that it takes. If it is out there, sooner or later you will have to own it.

I went to the site and thought about my own past. Should I do it? There was that one time with the midget wrestlers, the way too mature girl scout troop and of course all the drunken mug shots but these things are all expunged after an appropriate period of time, right?

I took the plunge.

The website is called Pim Eyes. You take a selfie and within a second all sorts of stuff comes pouring down the pike from your internet past. 

Being a heavy sharer, I was surprised there wasn't even more images bubbling up to the surface. 

Lots of doubles, nothing too incriminating, thankfully. Hospital bed shots, ups, downs, my whole panoply of existence.

One possible toke, er cigarette. Not one error, thing is pretty damn good. Amazing that our eyes are evidently so individual that an AI machine search can pull them out from billions of images of different people and not make a single mistake.

A narcissist's dream down a memory lane of bad haircuts. Should have had that diastoma fixed...

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lizzy said...

I should do it also. But we look a lot alike