Jelly, jelly so fine

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Falcon Time

Larry M. called me and told me that the young peregrine chicks were flying this week at Torrey Pines. 

I headed down immediately yesterday when I got the news.

His directions to the place they were hanging out were perfect and I almost immediately found the two young falcons on the bluff.

Unfortunately I am having a problem with my camera rig that I really can't figure out and was not able to acquire focus on many of my shots.

Photographically it was a depressing day. I need to go back and try a few different things and see if it is the prime lens or the camera that is the culprit.

Or more probably, the operator.

Wish I wasn't busy but this is really bugging me. I hate it when things aren't working right.

I missed a lot of nice acrobatic shots.

Next time.


Ken Seals said...

Those look great!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos especially the falcons captured as a pair.