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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Aquiline Family Time

So as I think I said, I had great plans for yesterday but realized at the final second that I had nothing left in the tank. So I went home. And on the way home I stopped at the nest and got a shot or two of my feathered friends with a slight silhouette in afternoon light.

I sold a few paintings yesterday and a couple of things this morning. After my appointment I decided to look for a bald eagle's nest that I had heard about. Don't ask where, please, it's a secret. I went for a hike in a beautiful place and then set off to find my quarry.

I espied a bald eagle in the high eyrie with another one coming in for a landing.

My spies told me that there were two eagle chicks but that one had already fledged and left the nest. I quickly sighted the male on a limb of a far off tree. at least I think it was a male, could be the mother I guess.

Eagles make me very happy, not quite sure why but I don't see enough of them to get jaded. 

Anyway, I did not bring my really good lens, I brought my light lens because I was tired and it would have to do.

You get an idea it is an eagle but not much else. Of course, any kind of shot is better than nothing. 

Anyway I watched the nest for a while but my vantage was not very good and a large branch was always blocking one of the birds.

I watched the two eagle progeny play together,

And then I got lucky. 

Said father eagle decided to fly down and join his new youngsters in the nest.

Dad (or mom) is here!

Call me old fashioned but I have always been a big fan of family time.

As I think you can tell, I really enjoy shooting these guys. Next time I will bring the correct lens and try to do it properly.



Ken Seals said...

Fabulous photos Robert! Excellent work!!

Blue Heron said...

Thanks Ken, looking forward to getting out and shooting with you.

Juliah said...

Magnificent photography! Thoroughly enjoyed this post. You just made my day.

Jon Harwood said...

The narration compensates for the greater distance. Still tighter than the 135mm world I live in.