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Friday, May 20, 2022

Thursday night escapades


Leslie and I traveled to San Diego yesterday afternoon. 

I needed to pick up a painting in Ocean Beach and then we wanted to belatedly celebrate our 28th anniversary with sushi. Her choice.

We have been scouring the review pages for an exceptional sushi bar and asking all our friends who are into that sort of thing.

The wait at Ota was interminable, Azuki in Banker's Hill couldn't seat us for two more hours.

Leslie called another place that was filled for the next two months. Whoa.

We spotted Hane Sushi on our left as we made our way up Fifth. 

Leslie had remembered that it got excellent reviews and was on the favored list. Apparently one of the trendiest "rock star" sushi bars. We called, they fortunately had one table left.

We found a place to park and scrammed over as fast as we could. The place was very full and we were told that the two empty spaces at the sushi bar were reserved.

My how things have changed in San Diego. I remember when Miki San and Tengu were the only Japanese restaurants around in the seventies. Back when Kaizumi was cutting. Now you need a two month reservation.

Hane was started by Sushi Ota alum Roger Nakamura. Much of the food is sourced directly from Japan. The first thing I noticed is that the prices on the sushi board were not the $8 to $12 selections I am used to as a North County bumpkin but prices seemed to start in the high twenties. Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

We started off with yellowtail belly and kobe beef sashimi. Had a nice yellowtail kama and a pretty standard sushi combo selection. All of the fish was excellent. I will say the service was very spotty, failing to summon a server, finally had to go to the sushi bar to ask them to bring us water.

Was not cheap but I was expecting worse.  Place was good but not as amazing as the meal we got at Catalina offshore. Might come back.

We have friends and clients around the corner and afterwards we stopped over for cocktails and conversation. Very nice night!


RoxAnn said...

Do you remember Miyako’s close to PCH and Grape? My dad was friends with Al Obiyashi the owner. It turned into Fat City and China Camp in the 70s.

Blue Heron said...

I don't but I remember the pink building. Wasn't Tom Hom's there too? Sure loved Lubachs...