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Monday, July 18, 2022

Blue Heron Auctions LLC rides again...

Nayarit kneeling woman 100 b.c. to 250 a.d.

My August 19th auction on Live Auctioneers is finally live. I can't lie, it has been incredibly difficult getting this auction off the ground this year, due to a multitude of reasons which I don't really need to go into. This particular auction will focus on Native American, Pre Columbian and American art pottery.

The auction is less than a third of what was originally planned. I was forced to consolidate and pull the asian and fine art material out because I simply did not have time to process it properly.  I plan on tackling the remaining material in September or October in a separate auction.

This is my second auction and I am learning as I go, in many ways. Hopefully this one will be affordable and accessible and I can make my consignors some money. Wish me luck!

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