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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Rapist wins and Justice maligns

A Republican State Senator from Indiana, Ron Alting, who voted against the state's recent draconian anti abortion bill, delivers perhaps the most poignant quote I have heard yet on the subject.

“I’m very disappointed, very concerned, very worried, particularly for women 16 years of age and under, minority women. This is a big setback because of the fact, not that I’m for abortion, but because of the fact that how they have it worded with rape and incest, is almost impossible for that young lady or for that woman to make a choice. So, who the winner is, is the rapist. It was said at the mic by two women at the mic today. Two female senators. Now the rapist can choose who he wants to have as the mother of his child.” Ron Alting


“It is hard to convince people that religious liberty is worth defending if they don’t think religion is a good thing that deserves protection,” he said, and warned about a “growing hostility” to religion, “or at least to traditional religious beliefs that are contrary to the new moral code that is ascendant in some sectors.” Justice Alito

Justice Alito wins the irony prize. His self awareness is nil. He decries hostility to religion but fails to understand how those same religious beliefs he extols are often used to persecute and discriminate against others. How about a little less hostility towards the secular, hey Sammie? Good article on the subject by Robin Abcarian.

I'll take the new moral code, thank you.


"They're just going to let me die." One woman's abortion odyssey.

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