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Thursday, October 20, 2022

blind justice

San Diego County taxpayers are on the hook for over four million bucks for jailers failing to dissuade a druggie who gouged her own eyes out in jail. She says she wants some accountability from the county. How about a little personal accountability, Tanya? Take responsibility for your own actions. I personally don't think she deserves a dime.


Jews and Israelis like to utter the phrase never again, a protest against a world that turned their collective head and allowed six million jews, gypsies and homosexuals to be exterminated and perish in the holocaust.

But how hollow a phrase is it when we now have Israel turning a blind eye of its own to the Russian provocations in the Ukraine and refusing to take a stand for a people facing calamity and destruction? A Russia that is arming itself, mind you, with weapons manufactured by Israel's principle protagonist, Iran. 

Is it only about protecting jewry or did Never again mean preventing genocide and stopping bullies wreaking havoc on innocent human beings of all creeds and stripes the world over? I certainly hope it is the latter. I don't care for Israeli politicians, haven't liked one since Shimon Peres and that was a very long time ago. Israel public opinion is 2 to 1 against helping Ukraine, a country with a Jewish President. 

Call me an anti semite or a self hater if you like, I don't care (I'm not.) The Trump loving Israelis, the Miriam Adelsons of the world, they can all kiss my tuchas for all I care. I like jews but Israelis, not so much anymore. And I am the Jewish son of a sabra. Let's get real Israel, what do you actually stand for? Besides yourself? Whatever happened to your Jewish heart? There are times in life when a line is drawn, you are either on one side or the other.

Of course, it looks like we will have at least a GOP house very soon and Kevin McCarthy is already telling the Ukraine that they are on their own, financially. Couple that with their serious admirers in Congress, the Rand Pauls and Thomas Massies, not to mention Kremlin bootlicker Tucker Carlson and I wouldn't bet on them surviving the incoming Russian barrage.

Never again is a catchy phrase, trite now and essentially meaningless. We humans tend to make the same stupid mistakes over and over again and unless NATO, France and Germany step in in a big way, Ukraine may be in for a heap of serious shit.


island guy said...

The kinds of things you don’t like with the Israeli government are, unfortunately, happening in many goverments around the world. Repeating past mistakes is particularly head banging inducing in their case….

Anonymous said...

I hate to think you are right, but I agree completely with your take here ~ Diane O

Anonymous said...

I met a jewish lawyer in Albuquerque one day who traveled extensively in Guatemala. He told me about Israeli complicity in the Mayan Genocide. He said that he personally witnessed that mere mention of the Israeli security trainers that aided the Rios Montt regime, would send the children there into catatonic fright, their ruthlessness was so deadly and ruthless there. Interesting topic and one that is rarely mentioned.https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/linked-arms