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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Dream #74

I haven't been sleeping all that well, waking up tired. I didn't get up until 8:45 this morning, about three and a half hours later than normal. I had this strange dream.

I was in an old run down stone manor, the brown facade starting to crumble. New England somewhere. I knocked on the door and asked if I could rest, if there was a place a man could find a bed, and the patriarch lord of the manor grudgingly assented. A black man, long used to subjugation, led me to my run down and dreary quarters.

I fell fast asleep on an old couch in the dark room. The next thing I knew, a large passel of folks came off a bus to take a tour of the estate. I was naked but there were no clothes in sight and covered myself in old indian blankets as best as I could in order to hide my naked body. I looked out the window and the owner and his wife were laying down on low couches at the end of a long plastered pool. 

I woke up.


Anonymous said...

This is a good dream, surprising as it may seem.

Blue Heron said...

I had another swimming pool dream the next night and then again last night.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful new header…such a killer montage.~L