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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Fall Show recap

I am back from the fall modernism show.

It was good for me, not great, but that is the nature of the fall show in Palm Springs. 

The snooty spring dealers won't do the fall show because they think they are too good for it. 

So you get a lot more contemporary vendors and fewer and fewer of those of us that do vintage. 

Might be better not to have a fall show but the Modernism Week people want to have an attendant fall vintage show so you dance with whoever is on the floor with you. It is too bad because I think both shows should be great. Not sure why it never had the imprimatur of the earlier event?

I am loyal to my promoters, as they are to me, and in through thick and thin. I sold at a lesser price point, to a decorative crowd without frankly a lot of knowledge of art, but did manage to sell some wonderful work, including a monumental Natzler bowl with a gun metal glaze, a Scheier wall plaque and a great Claude Buck painting. A lot of my regulars came through for me.

It was pretty much all business, didn't take any pictures of people this year. Steve came out and we celebrated a museum sale with a great sushi dinner at Sandfish.

Lots of meals at Rick's, I stayed next door at the Day's Inn and it was a fiasco that I might write about later. 

Wild cod at Elmers to torment Rick P., it is his favorite meal.

Went out with the gang for lox and eggs at Sherman's one morning.

Impetuously invited myself over to Mary and Dave's house for dinner another night. They were most gracious and we had a nice time.

Ate at Billy Reed's the last night, had the prime rib. I was so tired coming home that after about a half hour of screaming and slapping myself in the face, I pulled over into a strip mall and fell asleep in the parking lot. 

Not sure how long I was out but I managed to get home alive, thank god. I drive very slow when I am exhausted and I pissed a lot of people off. What else is new?


Ken Seals said...

Glad you had a good show and lots of nice eats. I'll vouch for your driving issues when tired :-)

Ken Seals said...

Your heron cover photo is awesome!