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Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Deer Hunt

I got a call the other day. Lady was leaving Fallbrook for good in an hour, did I want a large painting for a very good price? I was intrigued and told her to send me a picture.

She sent a picture of the 4 x 8' mural, an oil on board and I bought it. Excuse the picture, which was taken in midday sun and has glare, but it depicts a renaissance hunt scene, painted in a rather graphic but lovely and proficient technique.

I picked the painting up the other day in my van and secured it to the wall for transport with bungee cords. She was moving to Houston, her father was an old builder and prominent Republican in Fallbrook. She had bought the painting at an estate sale but had not deciphered the signature. R. Strang

It is definitely dirty, could use a cleaning. I like the artwork, would look great in a refined living room or a classy restaurant. 

I sent pictures out to some expert friends, Nigel thought it reminded him of a painted version of an Oudenaarde tapestry. Harold did a little research and found what is apparently its original inspiration: 

It is a depiction of a 15the century manuscript page, the deer hunt. Still need to pin down the artist.

Yours for a meager sum.

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