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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Early booty

My 65th birthday is approaching soon and I have received two really nice early presents of late.

Besides my Medicare card.

Big Dave sent over a large dry iced box of Manny's corned beef, latkes, mustard and rye bread, care of Taste of Chicago. 

Wow, thanks, Buddy.

We were talking about wine at coffee the other day and I mentioned that I had only drank one exceptional bottle of Temecula red in my life, the Baily Meritage. 

Many reds from the region have a rather mineral back taste. This one did not.

Stuff cost $95.00 per bottle twenty years ago. 

Next day I was presented a 2013 bottle of the luscious grape, courtesy of the cellar of Jim and Debbie Ramsey. It was a very good year for the wine.

Unbelievable gift, thank you all so much! 

I appreciate the swag and the friendship.

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Liz said...

You know I will probably forget to tell you happy birthday on your birthday. So, have a good one. My Medicare card was the best thing that happened to me. Btw, if you still have time, get Medicare Advantage (I get the aarp ppo). We have so many problems the Medicare supplement ends up being extremely expensive. I did plain Medicare for one year and then switched over. Definitely was worth it.

If you didn’t have so many problems, and we had fewer hereditary problems, I would go for plain Medicare. It just isn’t right for our family.