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Monday, October 31, 2022

Saturday on the water

They have had some nice sightings at Oceanside Adventures whale watching recently so we decided to check it out and try our luck.

We went out with our friend Renee on Saturday. It was a weird day. We forgot to bring our discount tickets and got nailed. It was much choppier than usual after a smooth morning cruise. Renee didn't feed the right meter and got a ticket. Turned into an expensive day.

Not a whale in sight, broke our winning streak.

But we did run into a huge pod of common dolphin, which funny enough are actually the least common dolphin species in the world. There were a lot of young dolphins in the group, much smaller sized bodies than usual. I estimate there were somewhere between 800 and 1200 dolphin in this group.

Managed to have a great time, in spite of the dearth of larger cetaceans.

My camera is still not working perfectly, having a hard time achieving focus. 

I am afraid I may be nearing the end of the line with this rig and honestly can not afford another at this time.

Will try to nurse it along and troubleshoot the problem, see if it can be fixed.

Not sure if it is an autofocus problem or an old equipment problem.

Shot with the nikkor 70-200mm ƒ2.8 yesterday, had a tough time achieving focus in one of the trickiest of shooting environments. Always the possibility of user error...

Many jumping dolphins yesterday, more than I can ever remember seeing. 

It is hard to shoot these creatures and capture their animation in the water. 

We call our method spray and pray, take a zillion shots and hope one works.

But they don't exactly telegraph their moves.

Always fun to watch them play at the bow of the boat, their echolocation faculties keeping them perfectly safe.

As we came back to the harbor, some Pacific bottlenose dolphins were spotted by the captain but I didn't see them.

I'm looking forward to getting back out there and hopefully having a better day shooting and seeing whales. Still marvelous any way you look at it.

Ran into a bunch of paddleboard witches on the way in. Spooky!

Happy Halloween!

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