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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Palm Springs Modernism Fall Show


All you kool kats and hip modernists out there, the fall Palm Springs Modernist shows are upon us. I have some very exciting material coming in, including multiple non objective abstract works from the estate of the recently deceased artist Richard Wengenroth (1928-2022.)

Like this very strong piece from 1965, Bridge Study with yellow.

Or Roundup.

I have sold his work before and feel privileged to be working with his estate. I also have a small but excellent collection of paintings by the late Andrew DeShong (1941-2014.)

It should be a good show.

It certainly was last year. I know there will be some very affordable pieces for every budget and that they will surely please a wide variety of aesthetic tastes. A veritable panoply of visual pleasure.

I will be bringing work from the ultra modern back to the twenties and thirties regionalist ouvre, my personal favorite period. I am bringing a large collection of early California prints including five prints by Roi Partridge. 

art deco archer bronze - Otto Schmidt Hofer (1873-1925)
I am bringing some great decorative objects, including two pottery pieces by Harrison McIntosh and not one but two classic sterling silver flatware services by the late, great Alan Adler, in Starlit and Swedish Modern.

I love this Thomas Hart Benton lithograph depicted above, Prayer Meeting, 1949, a black family on their way to church.

I hope to see you at the show. Modernism Week in Palm Springs is always a ball, lots of energy, modern tours, great clothing, people go absolutely all out.

For more information about the show, here is a link. I hope to see you there.

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