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Friday, October 28, 2022

Not a bad day

Things are about to get real busy for me and I decided to take a mental health day today. Went out to see the birds. 

The midday bite is the worst possible time for a catch but I had no choice, always see something, even on a bad day. But it was shore sparse pickin's.

I am still not sure my equipment is running optimally but I shot some stuff in my yard last night and it was passable.

Like this mockingbird, although the exposure seems a bit off on everything. 

The hummingbirds were definitely not cooperating, very hard to train but what are you going to do? The acorn woodpecker looks plenty sharp.

I stuck the 400mm ƒ2.8 on with the 2x extender, damn that thing is heavy.

I did the loop with little success and then drove out to the Walker Ponds.

Lo and behold, I saw a mature bald eagle devouring a meal on top of a pole, albeit a considerable distance away.

I believe that it is the same bird I shot previously, that you can see a few blog posts down. His white head has now filled in, fully mature.


I never get tired of taking pictures of eagles. I wish that I had a closer vantage but thankfully my lens was up to the job anyway.

I tried to get closer and old baldie flew away, coot in tow.

He eventually dropped lunch and alighted on a pole far out of my lens and camera range.

I went back to the reserve and took my hike. Very little to see, no harriers, caught the vermilion for a split second flash of red.

But hey, any day I shoot a mature bald eagle is a good day, I will take it. Went back to try to find him again, no luck.

Did see this peregrine falcon though and a few kestrels.

Hope to get back there soon and dial my equipment in.

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