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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Wild Wednesday Mailbag


Bruce H. sent this internet meme over, which I thought was rather funny.

I sent it to my friend Michael H., who was out fly fishing in Western Colorado somewhere, I think and he sent back this picture and note:

"I honestly may have made a different decision but I like the idea!"

Rosemary knows where my heart lies, she sent this pic over of a Manny's pastrami sandwich.


Barry sends a sordid link over from France. Pilgrimage to the bronze schlong.


Tony Campbell encloses a selfie.


I am going to help a friend setup at the Los Angeles Pottery Show in Glendale this weekend. If you are around please come say hello. I have never attended before but I hear that it is great.\


LSD seems to help mice with anxiety and depression. Who knew we had so many depressed mice?

Suggestion, try to not think about the cat...

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