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Monday, August 19, 2019

Flora and fauna

scrub jay

immature male black chinned hummingbird

I had less time than usual to get out and explore this year but still made do the best I could. I didn't bring my premium equipment, no room in the van and too valuable to haul around. I did the best I could with the old Sigma zoom.

The fast prime really spoils you but that's the way it goes. I took a bunch of shots up at Randall Davey Audubon Center one morning, up at the top of Canyon Road, always a mandatory stop for me. We don't get many black chins where I live and their gorget color is a gorgeous pure purple.

black capped chickadee

rufous hummingbird

broad winged hummer 
hummingbird hawk moth

On my off day I traveled up the Pecos River, stopping at the Tererro General Store. Multiple feeders, more hummingbirds than I have ever seen at one place at one time. Literally hundreds. Will take a while to process.

Went a little further up the road towards Cowles. Last time I saw red crossbills but the bounty was meager on this trip. Had too much fragile stuff in the van and decided that discretion would beat valor this time around.