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Monday, March 22, 2021

Dave in Japan was prescient

I hesitate to say this and to hex anything but the waterline seems to be fixed. This was accomplished though the collective efforts of Todd, Alan and Tom with an overseas assist from Dave in Japan. 

Dave sent this letter this afternoon:

Did you check the valve going into your house? With all the work you have been doing, shutting the water off and turning it back on again, sometimes the bonnet inside the valve drops, partially/completely and blocks the flow. I would humbly suggest checking the valve(s) going into your house.Maybe Tom has already checked it, but there also could be a buried isolation valve somewhere in your garden perhaps? Anyway, thought I'd throw my two cents in, half a world away. Would love to be helping Alan and Tom figure this out, wish you all the best and hope you find the culprit soon.
Dave in Japan

This is truly an "A" team. Todd is a certified arborist who took care of the grounds at Palomar College for thirty years. Alan worked for Rainbow Water and one of his specialties was cross connections, Tom is a retired long time Fallbrook Public Utility District employee, my local water municipality. Ditto Dave.

So as of yesterday, we had changed out all the old pipe with the exception  of two main laterals and everything should have been working. But it wasn't. No water still to the house. How could that be?

Tom changed out the gate valve on my house this morning and flushed the rp. He mentioned the possibility of the bonnet dropping. Still nothing. This was weird. What the hell could the problem be?

Then I remembered that there had been an old valve buried back of the Chinese pistachio tree. Couldn't find the box, finally found the lid and we started digging around. Eureka. Thing was now an electrolysis ridden piece of lead. Could this be the culprit? It could and was. The new system sent the final dagger through its metal heart when we energized the other day, clogged it right up.

It was a stupid redundancy and the probably cause for all of our tsoris so we quickly cut it out of the herd. I let the new pipe section sit for about five hours and have just turned it on. Glory be, it is all working, although the water tastes a bit plasticky at present. But after four days without hot water, I am very grateful and quadrupally grateful for my wonderful friends who have always helped me keep it together and my wife, who tolerates my ineptitude.

Still might get a trencher and finish the job, get all the shoddy thin wall off the ranch. About six hundred more feet to go. But that may be back burnered for a little while. Now we have to take the old pipe out of the loop and get the new pipes covered up before the sun bakes it.

Thanks everybody. So much!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I could be of some help. Sometimes it takes a friendly village.

Dave in Japan