Egret and crab

Tuesday, March 30, 2021



I got word this morning that my friend Les died yesterday.

Les was the best metalsmith I knew, certainly one of the greatest and most competent artists and sculptors I have ever known. I am not going to dive in right now about the guy, it hurts too much.

He had been suffering from long term kidney problems. Dialysis. I loved the guy. I used to photograph his work for him, he would help me with bronze patinas and whatever else I ever asked of him. 

I just really enjoyed hanging around him. He was a man's man. I really loved having a burger with the guy or sitting around bitching about life with him, something we both were really good at. He was not a bullshitter in the least, called them as he saw them, did not suffer fools.

Lot of people call themselves artists. Les was the real deal, he could do anything, classic, representational, modern. But always done with impeccable and exquisite taste and vision.

This totally sucks. I am going to go get lost in the wilds for the rest of the day.


Ken Seals said...

Sorry to hear that Robert.

Brigitte Schlemmer said...

My Heart aches. I have been thinking of he and Mary for the past few days. What a loss. He was always so kind to me.

Stutzy said...

Les would show up at my studio and have a look at what I was up to. If it was good work he would exclaim- “You Gotta be Happy With That !”
That made me feel so fine-as he truly was the real deal.
He was a fine friend and -a great artist.