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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

There's always one dick

I hope that this isn't troll food. I try to write an honest post on the state of our national disunion and I get this:

Now I guess I should be grateful that I only have one troll but I still find it curious. Why does this person, who is obviously inimically opposed to my politics and precepts, feel the need to follow me every day and tee off in a nasty tone at every opportunity?

Wouldn't one want to be with like minded people who share his (I am pretty sure it is a he) political views? Why was I lucky enough to become the daily obsession?

Seriously, and I have said it fifty times to this joker. I sign every post. Right or wrong I stand behind what I write. 

A pox on anonymous nasty cowards who are such pussies that they won't sign their name. I still can't forget that this douchebag wrote me that I had the last cancer episode coming. 

You sir, are below the slug on the evolutionary ladder and I want to nicely ask you, once again, to please fuck off.

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