Jelly, jelly so fine

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Sweet Tooth

Javier Moreno
Fallbrook was in the news this week, the nice story of budding baker Javier Moreno and his delicious pan dulce.

Javier Moreno

Of course, I look forward to trying it.

And since I am on the subject there are some nice sweet treats around town I thought I should bring your attention to.

Laura at the new Kindred Coffee (ex primo, espresso lounge, bean and bug, geds, coffee corks and cuisines, you know the place) is really a great baker and believe me, we have never had custom baked goods being made at this location like this before. Ged's was close but they were shipped in.

Her almond croissant is absolutely addictive. 

Don't blame me if it becomes a go to item on your morning routine.

Absolutely best in show.

Not to say that everything else isn't wonderful too. 

Today I had a strawberry and cheese danish that could not have been better.

And she just switched her coffee beans although honestly the jury is still out on them.

As of last Tuesday there is a new gelato bar too! I had an orange and chocolate mix and it was quite good although I favor a berry with my chocolate. Maybe later.

I was talking ice cream with my friend Jim this morning and he says that when he needs a fix he goes to Thrifty and gets a tub of black cherry, which is far and away my favorite flavor too.

Last but not least today, I should mention that I had never tried the maple bacon donut at the donut shop near Major Market until yesterday, usually favoring the fritters and raisin rolls.

Too damn good!

My favorite sweet in town was Delos's pumpkin flan at La Caseta.

It was seasonal and now that season is gone forever.

I hope that he resurrects it some day.

You saintly people who are content to munch on crabgrass and want to lecture me regarding my cholesterol, please do yourself a favor and save the ink. 

Wait and do your virtue signaling while strumming your harp idly whilst sitting in the heavenly cloudscape, I am sure that it will make me feel even worse then.


Kent said...

I found your jones, yum yum.

RoxAnn said...

Thanks for the tip I’ll have to stop by. Looking forward to trying the chicken sandwich you reviewed last week. My favorite at the Donut Pantry is their apple filled bear claw. I like to eat one toe at a time. ��

Jon Harwood said...

The Pigeon of Judgement is sitting on your roof with a pastry in his beak saying, "Nay Nay, Humans aren't built for this kind of carbohydrate. Let ME show you how it is done.

Anonymous said...

I just ate my 5th chicken sandwich from Ray's today. Looks like I'll be stopping at Kindred Coffee next week when I'm in Fallbrook to visit.

Deli guy said...

Where is Javier baking?
Deli guy

Blue Heron said...

That is a good question. If you read the article it says that he is looking for a commercial oven but I don't know. I guess he sells near Northgate.