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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

You decide...

Di in Australia makes a good point regarding Paul De Gaston. I would say that it is irrefutable that this etching and photograph, purportedly made by two different artists with the same name, were actually made by the same man.

I wonder if the truth to this story will ever actually come out? With all of the spy and OSS and Nazi tie ins this story has always been weird and perhaps it is only getting weirder. But until I saw Di's photograph two days ago I never had such absolute linkage.

Now we can pin it down. I would bet anything these images were created by the same person. And I think if I read the tea leaves correctly this makes it unequivocal that the early artist and photographer that created them both is Paul Percy Frazier De Gaston.

Here is another photo from the collectionDi sent me next to an identical image of the etched version from my website. This is a reversal and more typical of a normal etching process, according to my printing guru, Dixon Fish.


island guy said...

How cool is that to get a conclusion to your years long quest for an answer. Still plenty of mystery left to investigate, though.

Anonymous said...

The ears in the photograph and the etching of the man praying are identical. Definitely same person.