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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Lovely bloom

We celebrated our anniversary with a bunch of friends in a beautiful Encinitas garden yesterday afternoon. Three birthdays were celebrated as well. Had a great time with old friends and ate some wonderful food and drank champagne. Or they did anyway, I haven't been drinking and am getting over a case of mild food poisoning.

Great to spend time with Ron, Lena, Sheela, Bob, Barbara, James and Eileen. And of course, Leslie.

Lena shared this photograph of an orchid that bloomed in her Cardiff garden yesterday.

She said that Shawn had given her and Ron the plant many years ago before he moved to Thailand.

A very pretty flower and a wonderful afternoon!


shawnintland said...

WoW, brings a smile to my face! I knew I was leaving it in good hands, but 25+ years has gotta be a new survival record for any plant (outside of trees) I've gifted someone. Congrats to all around!

Lena said...

And that’s the smaller plant that separated from the mother plant several years ago. The larger plant is getting ready to have several clusters of blooms any day now Shawn. I love that orchid and think of you when she flowers.

Bethany said...

Belated Happy Anniversary 🎈