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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Mark your page

I love many things about my vocation. Being an art and antique dealer gives me the opportunity to travel, to belong to a large fraternity of fellows and occasionally scholars and also to work a job where I can support myself using my own knowledge and wits. Usually have one person to credit or blame and all it takes is a mirror.

But mostly what I love about the gig is the fact that you never know what the next thing is that will be coming through the door. We all have an atavistic hunter gatherer lurking in our dna wanting to make a great discovery. Or I think we all do, anyway. This pursuit scratches a certain itch. Like seeing what makes other people tick.

Yesterday, a relatively new client and friend brought me her parents' antique silver bookmark collection. Many of these were made by great companies like Tiffany and Gorham and they are all so interesting. I wish I had time to catalogue them right now but time is something I lack at present so they will have to be content to sit for a while until I can get to it.

This is most of them, there are a couple others. I love the trowel and Sherlock Holmes. There are some beauties here and I can definitely tell you that the collection took a long time to put together.  Each one was selected with thought and care. I don't know about you but I love this sort of thing. Not about the money, certainly about the love.


Anonymous said...

This collection is absolutely beautiful, one of a kind. If my husband were alive, I'd pay anything to get it for him, he would have loved every piece. ~ Diane O'Bannon

juliah said...

I love these! And, actually I have a couple of them in a small collection of my own! I would love to see these in person (hint hint).

Ken Seals said...