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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Owl Shot


I was quite pleased to hear that The Fallbrook Sourcebook used one of my photographs on their front cover this year. 

I just walked over and scored a copy after Debbie Ramsey clued me in.

I want to thank Julie Reeder for putting the great horned owl shot up, the competition was really great, loved the competing butterfly shot but they went with mine for some reason. Might have fit the page better.

She also paid me a handsome check, which I was not expecting, and a bunch of great packages and tickets to things, whole thing just way beyond my expectations, which were nil.

Thank you Julie, Lucette, all the people at the Village News and the Fallbrook Sourcebook. You are so kind. I really appreciate it and feel quite honored.


Anonymous said...

A worthy photo.

Jon Harwood said...

Pretty cool.

Sanoguy said...

Fallbrook owl?

Ken Seals said...

Way to go! I know how you feel about having the Sourcebook cover :-)