Egret and crab

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Ya baby!


What do you give the newly woke man who has everything? RoxAnne brought over a nice card today with a token to the old Bulldog Bathhouse on Turk St in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. Sweet. Might take me a while for these tenderloins to get up there.


I saw a very good friend and awfully sweet person today who has been a longtime blog reader and follower.

She was nice and honest enough to tell me that some of my profane language made her cringe. I get it, Mr. Pottymouth might need a big timeout.

But honestly she admitted that she was bothered when I reacted to my troll with foul language. And she is right, I do let it go on the guy, probably because I don't like the idea of a guy teeing off on me like I'm a piƱata when I can't go after the anonymous person because they won't divulge their identity.

I can't forget that many people read me, of every political persuasion and religious creed and I want everyone to be comfortable. I will try not to be so reactive and nasty and hopefully keep my cool next time it happens.

I appreciate her honesty. Will attempt to restrain myself.


Liz said...

I would rather you be your honest self than softening yourself out. If people don’t agree with you - it is their problem,not yours

juliah said...

Just to clarify for Liz -- It's not that I don't agree with you, Robert, because I completely respect and appreciate your position with the troll. It's just that for me, sometimes your choice of word-smithing regarding the idiot makes me cringe. For the most part I am right there with you politically, socially, and all the rest. That is the reason I read your blog and enjoy every opportunity to engage with your in conversation. I guess I feel like you are a big enough person to take the high road with this troll guy. He is baiting you and at times your response is exactly what he is looking for. Just sayin'.