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Friday, June 25, 2021

Gut shots

I ain't gonna lie. It has been a tough week. 

I have slipped a few punches but definitely taken a few nasty jabs and crosses too. 

A few gut punches. But I am still standing. And I got some good news yesterday to boot.

Not to go full pity party on you but let me clue you in to a partial laundry list of the b.s.. 

Coming home Sunday I saw a letter in my mailbox. I decided to wait until the next day to grab it. 

Bad move. 

Monday morning all the mailboxes on the corner open and empty. Letter missing. Same thing today. Mail thieves struck again. There might be a camera that grabbed their license plate numbers, I am hoping. I am going to have to go to one of those expensive heavy duty locking boxes. Shame, most of our mail comes to the office but some bills do come to the house and I will have to wait and see what they stole.


As if the vagrants defecating behind my store is not enough it appears that they are now smoking heroin back there too. 

Or so I surmise by the aluminum foil with the burn marks that they left anyway.


Brigitte wrote today, someone is sending out spam links with my name on them.

Don't open them!


Assholes somewhere close by are still shooting off fireworks at night. What kind of moron would shoot off a roman candle when it is this dry?


The troll weighed in on the blog today:

Obviously this person has zero credibility.

Hydroxychloroquine has been completely debunked, at least fourteen studies have said it was completely worthless in the fight against Covid 19, as does the World Health Organization.

I usually caution your ilk not to drink the koolaid but if you want to drink the bleach, troll, well, have at it.


I bought a beautiful 19th century watercolor from Florida recently, fairly expensive, over a grand but not enough to hit my policy deductible. The man I bought it from shipped it from UPS and purchased insurance. It arrived completely destroyed today. UPS told me that they will deny the claim because they did not pack it.

They don't tell you that when they take your money, funny. SOL.


I got my biopsy scheduled today, smack in the middle of the Del Mar Antique Show, which I will now have to miss. But I said I had good news and I do, they can find no cancer cells in the urinary cytology, so maybe I will get through this thing relatively unscathed. Been hanging out in purgatory since my cystoscopy, not able to make any plans, not knowing what the hell. Hopefully things will become clearer.

We shall see.


Sanoguy said...

Take good care!

I have had one of those heavy duty mail boxes you describe for years. I got one after several mail boxes in my area were robbed. I consider it a good investment.

JeffN said...

That is quite a list, Robert. But your good news should outweigh all the bad. Good health is pretty much the trump card (ex-pres 45 has ruined that phrase for me).

Your comment about the druggies behind your store reminds me that I'm pretty worried about Fallbrook's future. We have big city drug and homelessness problems in a small town with no real resources to do anything about it. Money seems to have fled the downtown area, and I don't see a way to reverse that.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear about the bladder, but your troll sounds like he's getting more unhinged. The Trumpers have to believe more and more fantastic things as reality asserts itself. Take care.