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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Sweetshade Tree

We were at a party at Petrellos house a few weeks ago and they had a large Sweetshade specimen. Also known as the Queensland Frangipani, this tree has the sweetest smelling flowers imaginable, much like a plumeria.

Gorgeous and so fragrant.

This video was made by Gary Graggs. Gary has a great nursery in Richmond and another place down here. 

I saw a beautiful Jubea Palm in the large nursery when I crossed the Richmond Bridge a couple years ago. It was his place.

I subscribe to his channel and met him by chance at Dennis's nursery the other day. 

Cool guy, a bit crazy, he loves palms and plants.

I bought one from Dennis yesterday. Last one he had, Gary bought the rest.

I have located another place that sells them. I am going to buy two or three more, have lots of places to put them. Going to put this one next to my kitchen window.

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