Monday, June 7, 2021

Let her fly Monday

Was ridiculous in Fallbrook on Friday. Why on god's earth would the United States Marine Corps do a controlled burn on the hottest, windiest day imaginable? Smoke in town was as bad as I ever remember it. Leslie had to bring her clothes rack in at Caravan, downtown smelled like a barbecue. It was scary and this kind of thing happens all too often and one day it is going to be totally out of control.


Congratulations to the powers that be on bringing in the dirtbag couple that shot the six year old child on the freeway. Hang them.


Federal Judge just struck down California assault weapons ban. Just what we need, more guns around.


Congrats to the Supreme Court on denying permanent residency to people who break our laws and enter our country illegally. Call me a DINO if you like, I have never supported this.


I have always thought that Governor Gavin Newsom was mostly okay but his decision to get rid of inmate firefighters is absolutely ridiculous. 

“We are in desperate need of these programs,” said Brandon Dunham, a former United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management firefighter who founded and hosts a podcast for wildland firefighters called “The Anchor Point Podcast.” “We’re already short-staffed and have dismal numbers. They need us and we need them.”


Thank you to the homeless guy or girl who took a crap behind my shop today and wiped his or her ass with a dirty sock which they also left. I appreciate it very much.


A couple of months ago the Los Angeles Times anointed my road as one of the five best places to hike in Southern California. The traffic has been terrible this year and is only getting worse. Huge party and barbecue in the parking lot this weekend. People leave trash around, light fireworks and act as if we are intruding on their personal hiking trail when we try to drive home past them. Only a matter of time until the fires start, I fear.

I wish the Wildlands group had never taken over, it was way better when FPUD had control of things. Place has become a zoo and the stupid muggles are wandering ever farther down the road.


I have had friends tell me that their relatives won't come to see them because they have been vaccinated. Seems they think the vaccinated T cells will slough off on them. Heard similar bullsh*t scare stories about the vaccine changing one's dna. This girl's boyfriend won't have sex with her because he is afraid to swap bodily fluids with the vaccinated. The stupidity index is running very high right now. And has been for a while.

Using covid misinformation to sell products.

Just twelve people are behind the covid hoaxes on social media.

Anti vax fertility misinfo reaches new heights.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has deployed a race-baiting “documentary” and disinformation to advance bogus theories and seed anti-vaccine sentiment.

Twitter suspends Naomi Wolf for spreading anti vax swill.

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