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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What am I?


I have this most amazing plant growing in my yard. Have had it for years but it has never done this before. Beautiful pink orange center. I don't know what it is or when I got it but I think it was about seven years ago. Absolutely striking, have never seen anything like it.

Each frond is about three feet long so it is approximately six feet wide. 

There is a pup offshoot that is quite large with no interior color. I have a nice location to plant the offspring so don't even ask...

RenĂ©e thought it might be a puya at first and then a hechtia. I do not know. I have seen hechtias with pink flowers but not pink stalks. 

It resembles both an agave, an aloe and a bromeliad. Totally not my field of expertise.

Anybody have a clue?


postscript - the brilliant Jeff Chemnick had no problems figuring this one out, took less than a minute - Bromelia balansae aka "heart of flame"- thank you! I guess I have a flower stalk to look forward to!


I would also like to boast about the Cape Chestnut tree outside my store, just rounding into peak bloom. Do trees get much prettier than this?


Anonymous said...

check this out - https://www.strangewonderfulthings.com/181.htm

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bromelia Robert. It's related to pineapple, and produces edible fruit. Jerry