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Friday, June 4, 2021

Little deuce roadster


Ray is the most productive octogenarian I have ever met.

He always has three or four different projects going.

Yesterday he sent pics of the 32 Ford he is working on. I wish I had his energy!


I have been looking for climbing roses without much luck the last several weeks. I found one of the roses I was hunting for, Joseph's Coat, at Evergreen Nursery in Oceanside yesterday. I bought Donald Trump's favorite climber too, Golden Showers.

Afterwards I stopped by and saw Bob and Sheela P's lovely garden. He had this pretty rose blooming, Della Reese. Anyway, Leslie is looking for a purple climber and I thought this rose might fit the bill. Nope. The color purple she wants does not seem to exist in nature. Will have to go back to the laboratory.

Afterwards I drove over to see Ron and Lena. They had some pretty things blooming too.

Nice little lantern. 

They always have pretty flowers, inside and out.

Their whole house is so beautiful, a perfect cross pollination of Southern California beachtown and southeast asian elegance.

Cardiff is sure not the sleepy surf town I lived in in college any longer.

Houses sell for millions.

The freeway was a parking lot. I saw a Bentley with a bicycle rack yesterday near Seaside Market. Sort of hysterical. The town has definitely passed me by. Have you seen what they are doing to Coast Highway in Leucadia recently? Taking lanes out and putting speed bumps in. Talk about a permanent cluster f*ck.

Lena showed me some pics Ricardo and Pla sent from Thailand. I guess they have been growing peanuts during the pandemic lockdown. 

Very cool, That's a lot of legume.

I am very glad that they are happy. 


Afterwards I stopped by Heidi and Kents great pad in Oceanside. The oriole action at their feeder is beyond belief. I need to go over there and chill one day and take me some pictures. They get a lot of wild parrots too, like this guy.

Not much else to report. Two great parties last weekend after a yearly drought.

I talked to some great people at one of the parties that run anti poaching safaris in Africa. I want to get back to humanity's motherland so badly and may have found an ideal path.

More later.


Warmboe sent this pic over from his garden up north. 

I also heard there is a new hummingbird garden at the San Diego Zoo. I want to see it. Anybody have a pass?

This is a top view of my blue glow agave. Very pretty, I have a lot of cool flowers blooming myself at home right now.

Going to spend Sunday gardening. Unless somebody wants me to photograph a bird, that is.

Have a great weekend.

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Jon Harwood said...

I sent you a picture of a rose I have in my yard Cardinal Richelieu. It is an old garden rose doesn't climb and blooms once annually, but the flowers are a tone of mauve that Leslie favors.