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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Happy hens

Now you can ensure that your poultry is emotionally balanced, physically fit and psychologically well adjusted. GPS your chicken and see that she is having an optimal life before being ultimately consumed.

Portlandia was obviously quite prescient.
ZhongAn Online, a Chinese insurance company, has already outfitted more than a 100,000 chickens with trackers. The sensors upload information, such as how much exercise each chicken gets and what it ate. The company says the technology will be on 2,500 farms in China by next year.They are also working on facial-recognition technology so that consumers can one day make sure the organic chicken they saw on the farm is the same one that ends up on their plate.

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Jon Harwood said...

Some days I get up and the best idea is go back to bed or to go to Tanganyika. This chicken article is now creating one of "those days". Where are there no chickens and no electronics? Thats where I'm going.