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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Get jiggy with it

I'm out the door for a couple days, might as well put my two cents in.

I was reading the always excellent Mark Zeigler's article on the SDSU basketball game against Colorado State last night and something piqued my interest. Besides a rare road win. It was 90's throwback night in Fort Collins.
"It was ’90s theme night at Colorado State’s Moby Arena, with cheerleaders waving neon pom-pons (sic), with 20-year-old school logos on the video board, with “Getting’ Jiggy Wit It” blaring from the speakers."
And I had to think to myself, the 90's and "ought" decades are really a big blur to me, did anything really remarkable occur that would allow one to differentiate between, let's say, 1985 and 2005? Any cultural milestones in the mostly vapid trough? Let me know.

Of course, I slept through Friends and Seinfeld, television was off for a decade or two. Grunge, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls. What did I miss? Neon pom-poms? Getting jiggy with it, is that all you got?

I was driving on Mission this morning and once again wished I had my camera in hand. A truck took out a large section of plastic faux fencing between Willow Glen and Hamilton. The way the fake fence was cracked was so non wood like, so synthetic and strange, a perfect metaphor for whatever global malaise we are now experiencing. Time to get rid of anything remotely Flintstones and head straight to the Jetsons. Let plastic be plastic for dawg's sake.

I think that I miss off just as many people when I am not writing about politics as when I am. If not more. I might as well go back to letting it rip.

I am not sure if the universe is conspiring to kill me, keep me alive or just doesn't give a shit. More later.

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