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Monday, February 25, 2019


Leslie and I drove to Balboa Park yesterday with a friend, we wanted to hit a few museums. We stopped at Jasmine for a little dim sum first, were pretty judicious in our consumption, discrimination being the key in these sorts of matters.

I was going to bring my camera but ran out of time, had left it in my office, phone would have to do if called upon. Good for me to just be there from time to time, as my wife pointed out.

The Botanical Garden was very happy after all the rain, lots of nice dendrobiums and bromeliads afoot.

I headed over to the Museum of Photographic Arts. They have a wonderful Irving Penn exhibition hanging in the main gallery.

It was supposed to be over last week, not sure how long it will stay up. Glad I caught it. Marvelous work.

Afterwards I went to the San Diego Historical Museum and finally caught Carol Lindemulder's show.

I used to hang her in the gallery, just don't have the touch with contemporary artists for some reason. It was a very nice exhibition from the wonderful San Diego/Borrego Springs colorist.

Park was nice, happening, my ability to cover ground now hampered by the new potassium channel blocker. Did my best.

Tromped over to the Natural History where I never go and looked at rocks and stuffed birds. Leslie, not stuffed in the slightest, was in her native purple element.

We drove up to Hillcrest and stopped by Bread and Cie to see if our pal Warren was there. Bingo, right there on his regular perch. Had an excellent meet up with our ex Fallbrook pal. Bought some of their scrumptious walnut raisin bread.

Excellent day, all around.

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Unknown said...

Good to see the always lovely Mrs. Sommers in her element!