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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Birds of a feather

blue heron
I have twenty minutes to write something and then I have to go out on a call so pardon me if things get a bit scrambled.  I was very disappointed to see that the EPA is signaling that it will not regulate pfoa and pfos and the other nasty teflon ingredients that we all now have coursing through our bodies and water supplies. Have written about the stuff many times before. My first blogpost was titled Over persistent three eyed frogs and geologic time.

Wheeler is an ex coal lobbyist and the perfect sort of tool that Trump likes to grab from the business lobby. But a lot of blowback on this is coming from GOP politicians from red states that have been greatly impacted and things might get interesting.

green heron

On another front, Trump has now put a man named David Dunlap, from Koch Industries, a notorious polluter, in charge of our nation's drinking water. Happy days are here again.

black crowned night heron
David Bernhardt has been nominated by our President to be the new Secretary of the Interior. This ex oil lobbyist is all about rolling back species protection and drilling everywhere we can in this great country of ours. If you hate the environment, and don't really give a shit about public health, these picks should all really please you.

Fifteen ways Trump has affected the environment, from National Geographic.

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