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Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Professor

Grayson Boucher is a hooper. An undersized five foot ten inch white guy from Oregon, who played at a small Oregon community college. He eventually became a streetball legend, first as a basketball celebrity on the And1 tour, later for Ball Up. Now he travels the globe playing basketball, often in underdeveloped nations. No less a figure than Isaiah Thomas recently said that he was one of the best ball handlers in the business. I watch a lot of his videos. He has an amazing repertoire of moves, plays on the street, in prisons, for charity. Guy turns people inside out. Reminds me of Curly Neal of the Globetrotters. Check out his many videos on YouTube.

Grayson is a devout christian, and the best kind you could ever meet. Humble and kind. Gets beat on occasion but never gets mad. Last week I watched videos of him teaching James Harden a couple of his patented moves. He has also hung and played with Steph Curry and Iverson. Now 34, many current NBA stars grew up watching him play and love the guy. As do I.

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