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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Perpetually aggrieved

Angelfood @ Robert Crumb
Political correctness is running amok. As a proud reader of the late Zap, Mother's Oats and Insect Fear comics, I shudder to thing what these priggish moralizers would have done to the great underground comics of my youth.

We don't live in the sixties and seventies anymore? Well, that is too bad, people were not nearly as uptight.

The thought police of the left are every bit as obnoxious as the thought police of the right.

Are we going to legislate satire now, are we so thin skinned that we can no longer laugh at ourselves, for the fear of offending some unknown aggrieved party?  And there are a lot of folks around who obviously feel that it is their duty to feel persecuted on someone else's behalf.

Like the folks in that college in Canada who stopped doing yoga for fear of culturally appropriating the poor hindu. Now Mary Poppins is also being called racist because the chimney sweeps have sooted faces. Very ridiculous. We have become very touchy, we humans.

A large percentage, 59%, of black Virginians, have signaled that they want Governor Ralph Northam to stay in office. They obviously feel that they will get a better shake from him than from the alternative. But we know better than they do. Burning somebody at the stake for a college prank. Ridiculous. And yes, if you wear a big nosed groucho mask and a tallis around I will feel the very same way.

Eat more bran, you sound quite constipated.

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Anonymous said...

Well said.....youth used to be a time for spirited discussion and a time to make the mistakes that help to shape our future thinking. So said to see that being corralled by political correctness and intollerence from all sides.