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Monday, February 25, 2019

Smell the lilacs

Today was the most beautiful day of the new year, at least here in Fallbrook. Warm and azure blue skies. I saw a large osprey in a tree on the river, poppies are popping up everywhere, coating the lush and green hills in a thick carpet of orange and yellow. The heavy rains have completely changed the contours of the Santa Margarita river I am so lucky to live next to.

Leslie pointed out the first ceanothus, or purple lilac bloom of the season yesterday. A usually rather boring looking weed near St. Peters Church is temporarily sporting a magnificent hyacinth like flower. As the Grateful Dead once so eloquently sang, Might be going to hell in a bucket, but at least I'm enjoying the ride.

Jerry Hall sent over the cool kite video. Very nice.  We had lunch the other day, his recent operation finally freeing him from years of spinal torment. Free at last. Rich, poor, smart, dumb, you get one swing at the pinata, make sure you make it count. And to quote the dead again, without love in the dream it will never come true.

Life has been tough, all out of free credits, like many people. But I have an incredible wife and incredible friends in my life. Can't give up. Didn't go see the fortune teller but grabbed a card off the deck. The world, upside down. My world. Time to turn it around.

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Unknown said...

Encouragement and concern from you and other friends gave me the strength to keep fighting when I thought about giving up. Thanks for having my back Robert! (lol, pun intended) Jerry