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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Late night visitor

I dreamed about my late buddy Garry last night. We met at some trails near Del Dios and they magically morphed into narrow slot canyons with enormous cliff faces, somewhat akin to Canyon de Chelle.  We hiked together through this magical wildlands.

The hiking was arduous, there were times the trail was tight and scary and I didn't want to move forward but he coaxed me through my anxiety and I finally surmounted fear and elevation. At one point I was almost stuck in quicksand. Cohen helped me right my ship. He was always like an older brother to me.

We talked a bit afterwards about the ins and outs of the death thing, he admitted to once manifesting from the corporeal realm to the porch of his old ranch as a polar bear. Now that will certainly get the people of Escondido talking.

Not sure what I think about the after life thing. I don't want to believe in it. But I had a strong visitation about six months after I lost my sister. Sometimes the presence in your dream is so strong you just have to believe that you have touched their essence somehow. But such matters are far beyond my mortal ken and pay grade. It was nice to see my dear friend, in any case, if only in sleep.

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Thomas G Johnson said...

I hear this; and there can be hardly a body as skeptical about superstitious apparitions than I, but. I experienced a "one of" incident a few months ago, still vivid. I seemingly awoke one morning, with the feeling that I was being watched. As I raised the sheet, I saw three (or was it four?) women, none of which I recognized. Just like a snap of the fingers - they disappeared. Very odd, but it all comes from the embedded chip in your head, of course...