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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sad state

CHP Sgt. Steve Licon - Rest in Peace

A little over a month ago I wrote a blogpost called breakdown that dealt, among other things, with the lack of manners and civility that we are all experiencing in society today. I mentioned that you really see it while out on the road and that more and more people are using the right shoulder to pass other cars.

Just two weeks ago a man hit a concrete pillar passing a big rig on the southbound 15 near Murrieta. Muerte.
The driver of a 2013 Ford Explorer was going 70 to 75 mph in the slow lane as it came up behind the  big rig, a witness told the CHP.  The driver then swung the Explorer onto the right shoulder and sped up to about 80 mph, the CHP report said.
Yesterday there were two more unfortunate fatalities in my area. A CHP motorcycle officer was hit and killed in Lake Elsinore. Driver was drunk. This officer was out there just doing his job, trying to protect us from ourselves, and no way did he deserve to die.
Michale Callahan, 36, of Winchester, was traveling on the right shoulder of the freeway and collided with the CHP motorcycle, according to the CHP. Callahan was arrested for multiple charges, including suspicion of driving under the influence.
And three for three, another accident on 15, this time near Fallbrook, same thing, another car passing a truck on the shoulder. Another life lost needlessly.
NORTH COUNTY —  A 73-year-old motorist died when her car flew off Interstate 15 in Rainbow Saturday afternoon, authorities said.The white Chevrolet Aveo sedan was heading north, weaving in the lanes, when it veered off the right shoulder, witnesses reported to the California Highway Patrol about 3:45 p.m.
At least one person reported that the driver may have been trying to pass a semi-truck by using the right shoulder.
The car overturned down a 25-foot embankment and landed on the shoulder of Old Highway 395, parallel to the freeway, south of Rainbow Glen Road, North County Fire Protection District spokesman John Choi said.
What is going on? Is it inadequate driver's training, bad judgement or just plain stupidity?

I had a car cut right in front of me on Mission this morning, inches to spare. It is almost like the drivers today think they are living in a video game and if they escape contact, it's all cool. But they often don't. You can chalk it up to Darwin, hopefully nature is weeding out the morons but too many innocent people are caught in the wake and losing their lives because of these idiots' irresponsible selfishness. Don't pass on the right shoulder. Be a considerate driver. Don't be an asshole.

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Anonymous said...

The physics of concrete, steel and velocity vs flesh and bone never has a good outcome. I know from personal experience.