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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Born under a bad sign

There is something about describing your aches and pains and medical travails to the public on the internet that is both tawdry and distasteful, I admit it. I take no pleasure in being a drama queen.

Many of my friends and family depend on the blog to stay informed so I will give it to you in a nutshell and try to spare you any unnecessary theatrics. It is easier than taking phone calls. But I agree, who wants to read about a guy that is sick, bummed out and whining all the time?

Been feeling poor all week. Weekend was beyond miserable. Couldn't get a hold of the doctor Friday, urination is excruciatingly painful, very unproductive, pee a bright cranberry. Major pain in low back. Can hardly walk.

Finally saw Doc yesterday, Full blown bladder infection, prostatitis, I am retaining pee, he wanted to re-catheterize me, I begged him off. Got on a heavy antibiotic, hopefully it will do the trick. He says the back pain location confirms that the prostate is not happy.

Doctor wanted to send the sample for further dna analysis, insurance company refused.

Leslie has had a dry cough the last couple days, been going around I guess. I woke up with a full scale bronchial problem today, not helped by my asthma, not much I can do. Totally congested, can't breathe.  Going to borrow an old inhaler from a friend. I don't think it is good to mix two antibiotics at the same time, hoping from some carryover relief from the Bactrim, not sure that is possible. Coughing up serious loogie. Five baths a day, try to keep some moisture in the lungs.

So now my upstairs and downstairs are both in awful shape. How does the song go; if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all?

The issue of the health of my remaining kidney is still greatly on my mind. Three tests showed a tumor, which consisted of two catscans (with and without contrast) and a renal ultrasound, the last MRI with contrast did not. Should I feel secure here, worry about the bladder and deal with the rest of it when I have to?

I made an internal management decision today. I am not going to wait, I am going to Los Angeles Thursday and I am going to see the USC Keck urological oncologist Juma recommended, at his Wilshire office. Supposed to be the top man in the field. Why wait and give the aberrant cells a chance to settle?

If they fast track me then the wheels will just come off the wagon. All of my fall shows (and all of my income) will be wiped out while I recuperate after a week in the hospital and who knows how much time at home. But I may have no choice. It beats croaking. I want this guy to give me information and let me know exactly how much time I have got if I choose to do nothing for a while? What is the word I am looking for? That's right, options. Do I have any options? See if there are any intermediate, incremental steps. Mostly just listen. 

Maybe find out what the latest craze is in artificial bladders, see if I can find one that will match the carpet and drapes or my newest pair of New Balance.

Rubber is about to meet the road. I can't wait to see what will happen next.


Sanoguy said...

Sounds like a sound choice! Hang in there BH, your coffee boys need you!

Bethany said...

Good option...we all need you here, my friend.

Kerr A. Lott said...

You're a good man Robert, you don't deserve all the crap you've endured. I hope the new doctor will have some good news for you.

Anonymous said...

Good choice I think to go for the big guy first. There's a lot they can do now, cutting edge, meds based on the DNA of your own personal tumor, etc. Best thoughts your way... ~D.O.

Ken Seals said...

Lauren and I are hoping for the best for you! I appreciate and respect your wish to keep us updated via the blog. It's just hard to give you that hug you need over the blog.