Peregrine flight

Sunday, October 13, 2019


I am on a heavy duty antibiotic, cipro, and I have to watch my dairy consumption which is now pretty much nil.

So what have I been dreaming of all week? Real New York cheesecake, like Lindy's or Juniors. You know, dry, creamy and perfect. In five days I can start eating again and drinking coffee with cream and I am fantasizing.

I can order a Juniors sent to me, would go for the original, no toppings, but it is $42.95 delivered. Pricey, even for a rich guy like me.

But you think that is bad, Ferrara's Bakery is $95.00.

I could order from a place in Chicago called Eli's but I don't tend to like Chicago hot dogs, pizza or cheesecake. The people however are wonderful.

Anyone know where to get a decent cheesecake on the west coast?


Jerry HallJe said...

Cheesecake Factory at the Promenade in Temecula.

Blue Heron said...

sorry, no.

Jerry Hall said...

Lol, roger that.

Ken Seals said...