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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Friends like us...

I was saddened to see that we have once again betrayed the Kurds, they did our dirty work against Isis and now are apparently of no more use to us. Kurdish protesters pelted United States military vehicles with potatoes and other vegetables as we abandoned them and slowly drove away, leaving them no doubt to a grisly fate and future.

There is an excellent article at the Intercept about the history of Kurds being betrayed; Eight times the U.S. has betrayed the Kurds by Jon Schwarz. Kissinger's rationale may have been the most sickening because he knew better.  Trump is more of a village idiot, once again talking out of his ass, he says let somebody else fight over the blood stained sand, we were great to the Kurds and anyway they're not angels.

Hell of a way to treat someone that has had your back.

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Sanoguy said...

Terrible state of affairs!