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Saturday, October 26, 2019

To the rescue

I had a pretty cool dream last night. I was in a large boarding house, in Eastern Europe. It might have been Bulgaria. There was an enormous great room and I ordered food but it took hours to get to me. Other people were eating, the vibes were really weird. Something was definitely not right. Suddenly I was being pursued, by unspecified antagonists, who obviously wanted to do me great bodily harm.

I didn't quite know what to do so I contacted Big Dave, my longtime great pal and constant tech support mentor. Once upon a time, Jacobs was a Microsoft V.P., later a bigwig at Marimba and MacroMind. Wrote the Fetish column for Wired. Has devoted years to perfecting his own kidney matching transplant software.

all good...
I am running. What to do? "Never fear," says BigDave on his cellphone. Suddenly a holographic plastic credit card materializes above my head, straight out of the ether. Like a scene from the Matrix, I furiously grab the card and stick it into the conveniently close atm type portal and am automatically transported through space to a temporary safe zone.

The wonders of molecular compression and real time transmogrification.

This type of scene plays out several times before I wake. My pursuers never did catch me.

Obviously I can always count on Big Dave.


Ken Seals said...

The key here is "safe zone" Great creative dream story.

Scota Voce said...

We will get you, schmuck...submit your free will, lying dog...the end is near!

Vlad the Impaler

Shar said...

Amazing dream! So vivid and profound. When big Dave was little Dave, Diane used to take David with her when she had something difficult to do. She said his presence give her courage.